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Bearings - The Different Types and What They Are Used For


There are many different types of bearings used, all have benefits and disadvantages to them and so are used for different purposes and in different circumstances.


Ball Bearing ,Ball Bearings , 608 bearing , Mini bearings

A ball bearing uses a ball to rotate and move the load. Ball bearings are cheaper than other bearings used such as cylinders in roller bearings and have high accuracy. When moving lighter loads ball bearings do not have as much friction as roller bearings, and can support radial and axel loads. Radial loads are perpendicular to the shaft and axel loads are parallel.

Roller Bearing

Roller bearings use cylinders instead of balls and usually have a larger diameter. Roller bearings can support radial loads, usually of a higher capacity than ball bearings can, but have higher friction with axial loads. Roller bearings are commonly used in rotary appliances and in machinery.608 bearing , Mini bearings

Thrust Ball Bearing

A thrust ball bearing consists of two steel washers with balls situated within them. They are mostly used for low speed appliances and can't handle heavy loads, for example they can be found in swivel bar stools and turn tables.

Taper Roller Bearing

Tapered roller bearings are used to support large radial and thrust loads. It consists of a series of tapered or conical rollers held in a cage between inner and outer bearing tracks. They are used in many car hubs. The disadvantages to taper roller bearings are that they are usually quite expensive and they add more friction than a ball bearing.

Needle Bearing

Needle bearings are similar to roller bearings but the cylinders are thinner and longer like needles. These are used sometimes as they reduce the friction of the rotating surface. Needle bearings are used in engines and engine parts and transmissions; the drive shaft of a rear wheel drive car has at least 8 needle bearings.



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