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Failure of a Roller Bearing


A roller bearing, or roller-element bearing, is a kind of bearing that carries a load using round elements that are placed between the two main pieces of the bearing. There are a wide range of reasons why roller bearings fail.Ball Bearings , 608 bearing , Mini bearings, Mini ball bearings , Deep Groove Ball Bearing


  1. A common cause of roller bearing failure is wear due to regular use. Because roller bearings have round elements inside them, these elements can often cause deterioration of the inside of the bearing, which eventually results in failure. This may be avoided by using adequate lubrication inside the bearing.


  2. Smearing is when two inadequately lubricated surfaces grind together, causing scoring. When this happens, the bearing appears torn and gashed. This can be remedied by heating, which causes rehardening of the surfaces.


  3. Flaking, also known as spalling, occurs when a bearing has reached the end of its life span. In such a case the bearing must be replaced. Common causes of flaking include preloading, oval compression, axial compression and misalignment.



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