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How to Locate Roller Bearings


Roller bearings help moving parts, such as those found in bicycles, maintain the motion with a low-friction system. Roller bearings help with the turning of the freewheel on bicycles and motorcycles, and in some automobiles. Locating roller bearings means looking near the motion sensitive areas of the transport. Roller bearings may be found in cartridges and cylinders packed in grease to prevent heat gain from the generated friction.Ball Bearing ,Ball Bearings , 608 bearing , Mini bearings


  • Using a bottom bracket tool and a crank puller, take off the bicycle's cranks and pull out the bottom bracket. Notice two round cartridges full of small, stainless steel roller bearings.

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    Unscrew the sprockets off of the rear wheel of a bicycle to expose another set of cartridge bearings.

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    Pull the wheels off of children's scooters to find a set of roller bearings. Depending on the scooter, the bearings will either be packed in grease and set in a cartridge or will be free rolling in the center of the wheel.

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    Expose the engine shaft on motorcycles to locate roller bearings, which allow the shaft to spin with little friction in the motorcycle engine.

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    Crack the crankshaft casing on motorcycles and certain vehicles to find roller bearings being used to power the pistons with a friction reduction.



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