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Types of Railroad Roller Bearings


  •   A roller bearing is a bearing that carries a load with round pieces between the bearing and the load. The round pieces are lubricated and roll inside of the bearing, allowing the load to move with reduced friction. Roller bearings have been used on railroad cars and locomotives since they were invented in 1930, but they were not popularized until the 1960s. They allow trains to move on tracks safely at high speeds. Ball Bearing ,Ball Bearings , 608 bearing

    Tapered Roller Bearings

  • Tapered roller bearings are moderately costly. They have a high radial load capacity, which means that their capacity to bear loads perpendicular to an axis is high. They also have a moderate lateral or thrust capacity, which means that they can bear loads perpendicular to the axis. Tapered roller bearings were designed in the early twentieth century, especially for railroad use. Their high radial load capacity and moderate lateral load capacity, in combination with low manufacturing and upkeep costs, make tapered roller bearings the most popular bearings for railroad journal application in the United States as of 2010.

    Cylindrical Roller Bearings

  • Not every railroad car or locomotive has the same type of roller bearings. Some trains outside of the United States rely on cylindrical roller bearings. Cylindrical roller bearings are moderate to low in cost. They have high radial load capacities due to line contact. However, they have low lateral or thrust capacity. Though cylindrical roller bearings are inexpensive to manufacture and install, they require more maintenance than tapered roller bearings and can be more costly to operate in the long run. Cylindrical roller bearings are more popular in European trains, in particular in Germany.

    Spherical Roller Bearings

  • Spherical roller bearings used to be popular for railroad journal applications, but that popularity has been on a steady decline due to this type of bearing's high costs. Spherical roller bearings have a very high radial load capacity. They have a moderate lateral or thrust capacity. Unlike other types of roller bearings, however, spherical roller bearings can tolerate high misalignment. This means that they are easier to install in trains and can last longer before they need to be replaced or serviced. Thus, though they are expensive to manufacture, they may require less service in the long run. Nevertheless, most modern railroad bearings are tapered or cylindrical.


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